Providing Smiles and Moments of Peace

​One Mom at a time!

You never thought it would happen to you.  You read about it.  You heard about it.  You saw it on the news.  You may even know someone that has been through it or going through it.  But never, did you think you would be that mom that buried her child.  Children are supposed to bury their parents.  The reality is, it doesn't always happen that way.

My name is Kim Jones.  I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Always A Mom Foundation.  I am a BEREAVED MOM. 

In September 2010, my son Jamari Marqui Mintz was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma a rare adult type cancer.  Through it all Jamari kept a smile on his face.  He had a loving, kind and giving spirit.  I have inherited that spirit.  My goal is to help as many moms as I can that have experienced the death of her child.  I want bereaved moms to know that there is a Foundation that understands their daily struggles.  A Foundation that will unite bereaved moms so that "we" can support each other through the healing process.

Smiles and moments of peace are hard to imagine after burying a child.  My goal is to put smiles on the faces and bring moments of peace to bereaved moms.

One Mom At A Time!

Kim Jones

Founder and CEO

A Message

From The Founder

My name is Kim Jones. I am the Founder and CEO of Always A Mom Foundation. I am a bereaved mom. My son, Jamari Marqui Mintz is the inspiration behind the Foundation. My goal is to help as many bereaved moms get through the most difficult time in their lives with a little extra love, support and encouragement. As I help them, they help me and together we help each other. When they smile, I smile…. 

Sometimes showing a little love is all it takes to makes someone’s day. Always A Mom Foundation wants to do just that…. 

Showing love to our bereaved moms a Class that should be RECOGNIZED. 

I recognize YOU! 

I have been in the legal industry for over 23 years. I am currently a Cash Management Supervisor at a well-known Law Firm. 

I look forward to making a difference in the lives of others.

Kristy L. Powell

Amy Morgan

Kim Jones


What We Do

Let's Walk Together

​​During the transition period and shortly after the burial services, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and even complete strangers gather around to provide love and support to the mom who has just recently buried her child.

Shortly after the burial services, a bereaved mom looks around and soon notices that her support group returned to their normal lives. No one blames them for that, however, it is at that time that a bereaved mom realizes that she no longer knows what a normal life is. Always A Mom Foundation wants to be that support group that bereaved moms can look to for that additional love and support they need to make it through the most difficult time of their lives.


​The heartache and pain that follows the death of a child is at times unbearable. Smiles and Moments of Peace are hard to come by. Something more than kind words are needed. Bereaved moms need an extra dose of love, support, encouragement, smiles and moments of peace.

Smiles and Moments of Peace Program

  • ​Group/Individual Talk Sessions
  • Recognition of Significant Days
  • Care Calls/Social Events
  • Spa Services
  • Just Because Gifts
  • Complimentary House Cleaning
  • Financial Services
  • Resources for Dads and Siblings
  • and more.....

Always a Mom Foundation -

Providing Smiles And Moments of Peace!

David McCarthy

Kristy L. Powell is the owner of Precise Notice LLC bookkeeping services.  She is working as a Senior Accountant at Los Angeles Job Corps. Kristy is a graduate from University of Phoenix and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Accountancy.  Her experiences are 15 years of combined corporate and non-profit accounting. She sits on the Board for Powell’s Academic Academy, Inc. She is a member of American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Cal CPA Education Foundation.

​Kristy is responsible for all fiscal activities within Always a Mom Foundation. Those responsibilities include strategic development, as well as fundraising, fiscal and capital budget management, financial due diligence, and oversight of administrative operations. 


Don't Walk This Road Alone.

When We Do It

My name is Amy Morgan, I was born in Ventura, CA.  I spent most of my childhood growing up in Oxnard, Ventura & Ojai.  I started playing fast pitch softball at the age of 6.  I still play slow pitch softball to this day.  I enjoy any outdoor sports.  I have a 6 year old Boxer and no children of my own.  I had a hand in taking care of several of my siblings children and really enjoyed that.


​As I was becoming a young adult I worked at restaurants and become a restaurant manager while I was in college.  In the mid 90’s I started working for a construction company where I found the love for bookkeeping.  I was not really interested in just one part of what the office did; I wanted to know everything I could about the business.  And I did just that.  I even learned how to read plans and go out in the field and help if need be.  I just loved it all.  While working for that company I decided to start my own business and now: I have over 14 years of experience working with small to medium sized businesses, and am well-equipped and experienced to establish accounting systems for start-ups. I specialize in construction accounting, but work with many types of businesses.

​I am in the process of becoming a CB Certified Bookkeeper. I am also A Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and the first QuickBooks version I ever used was 1996. I provide accurate financial reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis.  I also provide CPA-ready bookkeeping, and complete reporting for businesses to hand off to their CPA’s. I am proud to say that 95% of our clients are from accountant referrals.

Always A Mom Foundation will provide support and services to moms whose child has been diagnosed with six months or less to live.  We will also support and provide services to moms who have experienced the sudden death of their child.

Group Sessions/Individual Talk Sessions

Children 21 years of age or younger at the time of their death, we have Group/Individual Talk Sessions available.

Adult Children 21 years of age or older at the time of their death, we have resources for Group/Individual Talk Sessions to organizations that specialize in that area.

ALL MOMS (no matter the age of her child) can enroll in one of our 3 Smiles and Moments of Peace Programs.

Short-Term Terminal Illness

Moms will be supported during the short-term –terminal illness (6 months or less) and thirteen months after the death of her child.

Sudden Death

No matter the cause of death, moms will be supported for thirteen months after the death of her child. 

Memorial Moms

Moms whose child has been deceased for more than 5 year will be honored on significant days for one year. (Child's Birthday, Anniversary of Childs Death, Mother’s Day and various other holidays.)

ALL MOMS are encouraged to attend all social/fundraising events. Our events provide more smiles and moments of peace at no cost to the Moms enrolled in our program. In addition, being able to meet other bereaved moms can be a huge asset in the grief and healing process.

David McCarthy was born and raised in New York.  After earning baccalaureate degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science he became a Police Officer in New York.  After earning a Master's degree in Criminal justice he left the Police Department and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the U.S. Marines.  He left active duty to attend Fordham University School of law, but remained in the Marine Corps Reserves, ultimately serving for 29 years and retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.  After passing the New York Bar David worked as a Public Finance Attorney for a Wall Street Law Firm.  He was recruited by a Los Angeles law firm and passed the California bar.  He was recalled to active duty with the Marines and served in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  After returning to L.A. he left private practice to become a Deputy City Attorney.  He was again recalled to active duty after 9/11 and served five combat deployments with Special Operations Command Central.  He retired from public law practice and is currently an Instructor at the Marine Corps Police Academy at MCAS Miramar.

​David is married to the former Carey Elliott and has three sons:  Joseph, Connor and Trevor.




Always A Mom Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that provides support to moms whose child has been diagnosed with a short-term terminal illness and/or the sudden death of her child.  It is our goal to shower our bereaved moms with extra love, encouragement, resources, smiles and moments of peace.

We are mothers, sisters and friends from all walks of life who understand the pain and hardship the death of a child can bring to a mom. 

Always A Mom Foundation
 Smiles and Moments of Peace what makes us neat!​